Clocks for sale

American Sessions clock

This is an early American Sessions black mantel clock dating from 1908. It is the "Pilot" model. We have polished the case and columns and repainted the ornaments back to their original colour so the clock looks good without appearing new. Nice dot engraving is a highlight of these earlier models. The eight day movement has been fully rebushed and new mainsprings and new ratchet clicks installed. This clock strikes the half hour on a bell and counts the hours on a gong at twelve. This is a good, robust and reliable clock just as it was 100 years ago and being sold for just the cost of the movement overhaul. Comes with correct double ended key, pendulum and setup instructions. 42cm wide by 28cm high. AUD $395

Sessions black mantel clock

This Sessions black mantel clock is the Elton model, made around 1923. Made in Connecticut USA it is a nice smaller model standing 23cm high and is 32cm long. We have repolished the case, repainted the ornaments the original colour and polished and lacquered the bezel. The case has a few small marks which do not detract and we have replaced the back in the original style. The 8 day movement has had new mainsprings and ratchet clicks fitted, has been rebushed, cleaned and serviced. Comes with Sessions pendulum and correct double ended key. The clock strikes on a bell on the half hour and on a gong for the hours. AUD SOLD

English lantern clock

This is a mid 18th Century lantern clock made in England for the Turkish market. It is typically English in style and construction but with Turkish numerals. Fully restored this clock is in excellent working order, runs for 30 hours and strikes the half and the hours on an overhead bell. The movement is a typical verge escapement with knife edge suspension and single weight Huygens loop as it was originally. The clock was made by Markwick Markham who were good makers and specialised in export clocks. Comes with wall bracket to hang the clock so the spikes don't damage the wall. AUD $3250

French Lyre clock

This is a splendid gilded brass French lyre clock dating from about 1890. The lyre design was very popular in the 19th Century and was incorporated into high class clocks such as this one. The case is very well made, finely cast and well proportioned, standing some 37cm high and on dainty bun feet. The rhinestones around the dial and the garland flowers on the dial add to the sumptuous appeal of this clock which was clearly designed to demonstrate opulence and prestige on the owner's mantelpiece. The clock has a fully overhauled time and strike movement, ringing the hours and the half on a sweet bell. The clock runs for eight days on a winding and keeps good time. AUD $1850

French repeating carriage clock with columns

This is a quality large size French carriage clock. The case is heavy brass with Corinthian columns and silvered capitals, lovely turned handle and perfect white enamel dial. It is an hour repeater and strikes on a gong on the half and the hour and runs for a week on a winding. The movement has been fully overhauled. The clock stands 20cm high handle up. Made circa 1890. AUD $2850

French repeating carriage clock with columns

This is a splendid large French carriage clock in a stylish case with Grecian columns and bow handle. It is a quality clock from around 1890 marketed by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company and is indistinctly marked thus on the dial and also has their stamp on the backplate. The case has been fully polished and lacquered. The 8 day movement has been fully restored including new mainsprings and is an hour repeater, striking the hours and the half on a gong and repeating at will when the top button is pressed. This clock stands 19cm high with the handle up. AUD $2550

French marble drum and cradle clock

This is an excellent smaller size French clock in the drum and cradle style. Lovely Belgian black marble case with variegated marble and carved front. The eight day bell strike movement has new mainsprings and has been fully overhauled. Stamped Goldsmiths Alliance, London and Paris on the movement backplate and also indistinctly on the dial. This was the retailer. 40cm long by 27 cm high. Made circa 1890. AUD SOLD

French striking carriage clock

This is a lovely French carriage clock striking on a gong on the half and the hour. It is in fully overhauled condition and in an excellent substantial polished and lacquered brass case. It is 19cm high handle up and 10cm across the base. The clock runs for eight days on a winding and retains all original parts, including the silvered platform escapement, visible through the top viewing window. This clock comes with correct winding and setting key. It was made circa 1900. AUD $1675

French cloisonne table clock

This beautiful French clock has cloisonne on three sides as well as the temple top. The class of the cloisonne work is shown in the delicacy and artistry of the enamelling and is as good as you will see. The clock was made by Edward Maurice and Co, top makers at the end of the 19th Century and has their stamp on the backplate. A very classy clock. The eight day time and strike movement has been overhauled and runs for a week. 27cm high. AUD SOLD